Client/Applicant Registration

Please complete the registration form presented on the following pages. If you make any mistake, don't register again, but inform us via email or using the mail form provided in the contact page. Read the terms and conditions very carefully! Thank you.

We are a family looking for an au-pair.

I am an au-pair looking for a family.

Please ensure that the application form is completed correctly and completed as all the information you provide to us will be entered into our database and used to search for suitable families or applicants that meets your requirement.

Some of the information you supply to us might be publish on our website or interagencies channels to ensure maximum exposure which will attract more families/applicants that might be more suitable for your requirement. Please indicate if you rather us not publish your details at all.

All applicants should forward immediately to our office either by email, fax or post your medical certificate, references, photograph(s) (4 passport size photographs and full length of yourself, your families and children that you have looked after recently) and a dear letter family.