Konnex International LTD.

Client Registration



These terms and conditions shall apply to and govern all contracts of agreements between the client and the agency.

The Client must inform the Agency immediately of engagement of the services of any candidate introduced by the Agency, should then sign and return this agreement (this only applys to non-European countries) along with the appropriate fee to the Agency. The Client should also inform the Agency of any re-engagement of the services of any candidate that have been introduced to Client after the end of the initial contract when the appropriate fee will be advised.

All invoices are payable within seven days of notice of such and interest will be charged at 10% on any outstanding balance after the lapse of the seven days.

All details of any Candidates and the Agency passed to Clients are confidential and should be treated as such. The Client might be liable for financial damages if information is passed to a third party without the consent or approval of the Agency.

In the case of au pair, it is the responsibility of the Client/family to ensure the registration of the au pair with the police or any other appropriate authorities and a registration card issued to the au pair.

The Agency will endeavour to provide a suitable Candidate to replace any Candidate or Au pair that leaves the family before the trial period of one month due to candidate’s faults. No replacement or refund will be granted after the one month trial period or should the Candidate leave the family due to gross misconduct of the Client or member of the family and friends of such. The Client must give notice of ten to fourteen days to candidate and vice versa if both parties thinks it’s not working out and the Agency informed immediately.


I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of business as specified above. I understand and accept that any candidate introduced to me by the Agency will be treated as a member of my family. I will notify the Agency of any re-engagement of any such candidate. I will not hold Konnex International limited liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to person or property from any act or omission on the part of the Au pair, Mothers Help or Nannies.

I will give 10 – 14 days notice to the candidate and the agency informed immediately, should I decide not to continue with the placement arranged by the agency. I will always pay the candidate’s pocket money promptly, the agreed amount at an agreed dates/days. Should the family/client not able to give the notice, the family/client will be expected to pay the au pair pocket money for period of notice or numbers of days left in notice.

I declare that all information given on the application form (family profile) and any other information, which I have given to the agency, is complete and true to my knowledge. I understand that if the agency finds this information untrue or incomplete this could render my contract void and the agency is not liable to refund any fee that I might have paid. This contract becomes effective upon my pressing the "I agree/Submit" button on the application form page.