Information for applicants

This is a general information for all our applicants to have an insight into what been an au pair, au pair plus, mothers help and nanny entails. Please contact one of our consultant to discuss any particular issue(s) that you might have or if you require more information.


Au pairs are young people, both male and female, aged between 17 years to 28 years (30 years in some countries) who goes to another country primarily to learn the language, experience living and culture of the country through living with a family.

Au pair should and must be treated as a member of the host family and vice versa, participating when reasonably possible in all the daily events of the family, treated likens to an elder child with reasonable and appropriate responsibilities. Au pairs must help with childcare, babysitting and light housework in return for room board and pocket money. Au pair means “on a par with” or “on an equal footing”. An Au pair is not a nanny or housemaid and will not be considered or treated as one.

It is very important that you are able and willing to comply with all the family’s requirements before accepting the family’s offer. If there any problem or issue you might have with the family’s offer, a compromise can usually be reached. Most applicants sometimes feel homesick, strange and lonely, this is quite normal and most families are usually aware of this. Any problems, issues or difficulties you might experience should be discussed with your family and also konnex International Limited should be made aware of such.

Most families would require you to wake up in the morning and assist with getting the children ready for school, preparing their breakfast, taking them to school, collect them from school, prepare some simple afternoon meal for them and ensure that their homework is done or take them to any prearranged after school or sport activities. Babysitting is a general requirement by most families and this varies from families to families and countries to countries.

Most families would also require you to assist with the housework such as light cooking (simple meal), Vacuuming, Ironing, Dusting, Washing (washing machine), Washing up dishes, General cleaning and tidying up.

Communication! Communication!! Communication!!! This is perhaps the most important factor in establishing and maintaining a good relationship and understanding of one another.

Applicants Requirements


REGULAR AU PAIR: Normally works 5 hours per day, 5 days a week and baby-sits for up to 2 evenings per week. He/she will have two days free per week, which should include two weekends a month and must receive a minimum of £60 per week pocket money. He/she will be allowed time off to attend a Language course.

AU PAIR PLUS: Are usually EC nationals or residents. They are not dissimilar to regular au pair but might work between 26-40 hours per week and must receive minimum of £80 pocket money per week.

MOTHERS HELP: Are considered NI contributing employees might work between 8 to 12 hours per day with weekly wages of £85 net any tax and contribution per week. They must have 2 full days free per week.  

NANNIES: Are professional childcare provider or giver. Nanny applicants must have highly checkable work history, experience and/or formal childcare educational qualification. The work hours for nanny vary greatly from few hours per day to complete sole charge for some days and the wages/salaries also vary but usually depends on the hours worked, duties involved and the experience of the applicants. They must have reasonable rest time and holidays are to be agreed with the families.  


Candidates will be responsible for arranging and paying their own travel and fares as far as the capital of their chosen country, any port or airport nearest to the host family. The family then becomes responsible for the applicant's safe journey to the host family’s home/resident. Where the host family can’t arrange for the Candidates to be picked up, Konnex International Limited. will make appropriate arrangement for this and all charges will be passed to the family.


All Candidates must inform both the agency and host family of any nutritious requirement (allergic to food types or vegetarianism).


After six months period of stay with the family the applicant is entitle to one/two weeks paid holiday. Should there be a need for holiday before the six months period, the payment is at the discretion of the family/client. Applicants should be expected to have two full days off during a week period, most of the time it is usually at the weekends but this is not always true for all families but the applicant should expect to have at least one weekend off in a month. Please discuss with one of our consultants.


All applicants are strongly advised to attend a medical practice for a final and complete check up before they leave their country or visit their Doctor to discuss any present medical condition and or to restock on any medication. Dental check up is especially necessary because it is usually very expensive in most countries.


There are no placement fees for any Candidates that Konnex International Limited places with a family either in the UK or any countries other than their usual country of resident. There might be a cover charge for some countries such as Turkish nationals because of the visa situation in these countries.

The au pair will be responsible for any cost incurred by the agency through unacceptable behaviour. Also applicant leaving the host family without any prior notice to either the family or agency, because he/she have found another family on her own or terminates the placement for personal reasons. The agency will be liable to find a suitable replacement applicant for the family in a relatively short notice, which normally incurs quite a considerable amount of money and this will be passed to such applicant.

Please note that Konnex International Limited is particular about the above cost from any applicant and willing to incur even further cost to find and recover the above charges and any other further cost from every applicants that behaves in the manner described above.


Konnex International Limited will use all it’s resource to ensure that all the families are checked and matched to your requirements with minimum fuss and bother to you.

Our Staff is always available to discuss and clarify any problems or issues you might have with the host family or of a general nature.

Konnex International will continue to offer mutual appraisal to help identify, prevent and resolve problems or concerns that you or the host family might have during the preliminary stages of your stay and thereafter.

Please forward immediately to our office either by email, fax or post your medical certificate, references, photograph(s) (4 passport size photographs and full length of yourself, your families and children that you have looked after recently) and a dear letter family. This is necessary before you would be placed with a family.

If you want to register as an Au pair, Au pair plus, Nanny or Mother's Help, please visit our applicant registration page.